Digital Photography Basic Skills

Digital Photography Basic SkippsAt its core, there really is not much difference between using a digital camera and a traditional film camera. In fact, most experts believe that using a digital camera actually spoils the photographer, making things a tad too easy for him or her. Still, there are many who remain daunted by the prospect of using a digital camera especially when their training comes mainly from traditional photography.

There are several skills that you will need to learn when switching over to the digital format, but they really are not that difficult to pick up.

Computer Skills

Digital photography involves dealing with computers. In fact, operating a digital camera is essentially like operating a small computer. There are basic file management functions that are very similar to manipulating files on a desktop or laptop computer such as memory media formatting, file saving and deletion and a few other things. You will therefore need to become comfortable with these basic functions in order to move forward with using a digital camera.

In addition, you will also need to be familiar with performing these same tasks on your computer when it comes to storing your picture files and manipulating them with photo editing software.

There are a number of good books that provide tutorials that will both help you to enhance your computer skills as well as teach you some of the basics in using the computer with regards to photography.  Some books recommendations are listed below:

Graphic Programs

You can actually adjust your digital photos and create a wide variety of effects with the use of photo editing programs such as Photoshop. Such programs will allow you to change the size of the photo, alter individual pixels and even change the format into different graphic file types. Perhaps one of the best features of digital photography is the ability to preview and alter your pictures before printing it. Try doing that with an Old School film camera!

To take things even a step further, these programs also allow you to erase flaws, sharpen some features of the photo, blur the background and even merge one photo into another. The possibilities are endless and in fact, such advances have caused us to now question the validity of a lot of the photographic content that we now see both on the Web as well as in print. The term “Photo-shopped” has now also entered our lexicon.

Camera Functions

As mentioned before, working with a digital camera is similar to working with a small computer. In order to realize the full power of a digital camera, in addition, you will also need to master the more traditional camera functions such adjusting the shutter speed, the aperture settings, and lens focal length and zoom factor. When you become more advanced in the use of your digital camera you can even set things to be fully under manual control just like the good old days with high-end film cameras.