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A Great Buy for Amateurs and Professionals Alike: The Canon EOS Digital Body 30D

As one of the best cameras currently on the market, the Canon EOS digital body 30D has appealed to both professional and amateur photographers. Canon is well known for producing high quality cameras and has been a leader in the photography industry for years. With a title such as this, Canon has earned it by producing great cameras such as the body of the Canon EOS digital SLR Model 30D.

The Canon EOS digital body 30D features an 8.2MP CMOS sensor, along with a high precision nine point auto focus system and DIGIC II image processor.

The Canon EOS digital body 30D features an excellent ergonomic design that promises a comfortable grip. The design has been completely revamped to create a much more user friendly experience while using the camera. This is because the camera features a soft rubber to provide a steady grip. The only issue some users have found is that the camera can seem a bit bulky for those with a smaller grip. Despite the bulky feel, the camera is very durable and is well protected for travelling with.

A larger LCD monitor has also been included in the Canon EOS digital body 30D for better viewing. The screen is now 2.5” so users will enjoy switching settings, checking out pictures and editing on an easy to view screen. The LCD monitor also features a 230 000 pixels resolution which is very clear.

The amateur photographer will enjoy the Canon EOS digital body 30D since it comes with six preset shooting modes. Each mode allows the user to change their colour tone, saturation as well as adjust the sharpness to achieve maximum clarity. The six preset picture styles include standard, portrait, landscape, neutral, faithful and monochrome. The monochrome feature is a well sought out function as it has the ability to filter single colours for a cool image effect.

One key feature of the Canon EOS digital body 30D is its integration of CMOS technology. CMOS sensors built into the camera are able to effectively reduce the noise in each photograph since they have a much lower noise characteristic that other kinds of processors. Also found in the Canon EOS digital body 30D is the DIGIC II image processor. This image processor allows the camera to accurately reproduce the colours in your images very quickly. The speed of the DIGIC II image processor allows the camera to take longer continuous bursts of photos without sacrificing image quality.

Overall, the Canon EOS digital body 30D is an excellent device that both amateur and professional photographers will enjoy. With its ability to take great looking photographs, you can be sure that the Canon EOS digital body 30D will capture all of those precious moments.

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