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Canon Rebel T2i

Interest in digital photography definitely on the rise and can directly be attributed to the rapid advances in digital camera technology. One camera in particular that is gaining a fan base is the Canon EOS Rebel T2i. While a nice camera, beginners should consider a few things before purchasing such a high-end DSLR.


The EOS Rebel T2i is a Cannon, which, simply put, isn’t cheap. The camera on its own costs about $600 and that’s without any tripods or other accessories such as additional lenses or gadget bags. On the plus side, Cannon cameras make up for their high price tag by the quality of pictures they take.


If you believe that you’re truly ready for a high-end DSLR camera and the price doesn’t turn you off, the EOS Rebel T2i is one of the best out there. The 18-55mm lens allows you to zoom in and pick up details that other cameras are simply unable to capture. Despite that, even when fully zoomed out, you still get perfectly clear and crisp photos every time. The EOS movie mode allows photographers to easily shoot HD videos and the exposure control allows you to pick up details, such as a rainbow, even when other cameras can’t.